A large proportion of our work involves contemporary exhibition design and the construction of bespoke furniture for exhibitions.

We can quickly and dramatically change the dynamics of a given space by installing temporary partition walls as screening devices, which alter the orientation through a space, construct a 'reveal', or contain a space for specialist lighting or audio visual presentation.

Additional walls can be used to discreetly house audio-visual equipment or to increase hanging space.

Bespoke plinths made in various materials and finishes ensure an appropriate display for sculptural objects, whilst custom-made vitrines provide a more controlled presentation, offering protection to vulnerable works.
Off-site construction, method design, installation and exhibition maintenance of two stand-alone exhibition elements built to architect's specifications.

Show-case/plinth with integrated LED lighting concept and hanging wall/island plinth incorporating AV presentation.
Client: The Arts Catalyst, 'Arctic Perspectives' exhibition at Canada House, The Canadian Embassy),
Trafalgar Square, London, 2010 (photo: Kristian Buus).